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  • Everyone likes to feel pleasure, no matter what their sexual perference, so no, that one act doesn't make a man gay. If he enjoys it as part of a hetrosexual act, then that's all it is...just the two of you enjoying each other. As far as being better at it, that's really something that you should discuss with him. Ask him what he likes...have him tell you what feels good and what doesn't. If you want to improve, then talk to him about it and practice more often. However, be aware, that part of the body can contain very unsanitary germs and microbes, so you may want to have both of you tested before continuing any further, and tested regularly thereafter, so that you know what to expect in the way of diseases and treatments.
  • First of all licking a guys ass does not mean he is gay. The anus contains load of nerve endings and stimulating them with your finger or tonge in just the right way will send your man wild! I like to get mine on all fours with his elbows and head on the bed and his ass in the air. I take my time, spreading his ass cheeks and licking his anus. I get him so wet and relaxed with my tongue, it's easier to slip a finger in and let HIM move against it. He loves that. Oh and don't forget to give him a good wank every now and again. My bf complains I forget his dick for too long.

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