• All of it. Urine, from a healthy person, has no bacteria in it and is completely sterile.
  • thanks for your reply but how about the urea content? wouldn't it create an imbalance in the interstitial fluid around the cells? i recently started drinking her and i enjoy it so much i would like to do it everytime she needs to go
  • As much as she has. I have been drinking my wife's urine for years, it will not hurt you. You should let her pee in your mouth, it's great straight from the source.
  • as much as you want
  • i'm concerned about the effect of uric acid, not easy on one's kidneys. read reports of someone with a bad case of gout. i personally i have been drinking my wife's piss for the last month and have discomfort around my knuckle joints, not sure if related, not psychologically influenced as i read about this later. however i can't stop, it's such an intense and loving feeling. it feels very bonding
  • Dilute urine from a healthy person is generally safe to consume in small amounts. Urine contains mostly water, but also that which the body filters out of the blood. There may be small amounts of toxic drug metabolites or toxins produced by bacteria, as examples of things the kidneys filter out as undesirable or unneeded by the body. If you consume too much, you'll have symptoms such as nausea, headaches and potentially muscle aches to let you know you've overdone it. I don't think you could consume too much asymptomatically. I think if you get sick, you'll learn your limits.
  • Here is a link that you might find interesting - Hope that I'm not too late with my answer
  • You can drink as much as you feel good with it and as long as your stomach does not revolt. From a healthy person I see no problem.

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