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  • Yes. Sometimes your prayers are answered.
  • Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh !!
  • honestly...yes...most of the time it does...rarely have I ever felt bad on a case of revenge. I know its supposed to be wrong...but its soooooo sweet! only being realistic here.
    • Sabawksie
      Me too 😂
  • I never bother with revenge. Why should I let other people make me do things, control my feelings. I'd rather do that myself. I forgive and move on.
    • Murgatroyd
      How do you do that, Galeanda? How do you forgive and move on without (a) letting go of the past, and (b) bending your own fixed principles? If I forbid something in 1970 I will still forbid it in 2070 (if I am still alive then), and if someone dares to do what I forbid I do not forgive and forget, and I wait endlessly to get revenge. It serves the other person right for doing something that was bad enough for me to forbid in the first place, doesn't it?
  • Doesn't make me feel bad.
  • It can. But try not to become intoxicated by the feeling because it can become self-destructive.
  • Depends on the situation... and what your planning to do about it. I don't think in any case you should hurt someone because they hurt you. I am a firm believer in getting what you give. Most people would call it Karma... but I would say to unto others as you would have done to you. In any case revenge probably is never the best way. I know the people that I've hurt through out my life that are the most memorable... are the ones that said "you know what you hurt me... and I wish you hadn't done that... but I can't be (friends with, your boyfriend, or assosiated with) you anymore." The people who walk away are always remembered.
  • yes it does!!
  • yep go to
  • Yeah! Is kinda like a relief feeling. You don't have to worry about getting even anymore.
  • Of course it does.

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