• Depends where in the world it was. New Zealand (my home) I'd fly, Canada, I'd drive, and anywhere else I'd probably drive :)
  • Our family is going to Rhode Island U.S. this Fourth of July holiday weekend it is close to 400 miles. We plan to drive especially with the lower gas prices over last year at this time.
  • take a train or fly. road will time consuming and tiring.
  • Any excuse to get on a plane! Fly for sure.
  • I routinely drive a 400 mile one-way trip, so driving that distance is a snap for me. To the tune of 40,000 miles a year... :):):)
  • I would normally drive but if a train is an option, I'd like to try that.
  • I'd usually drive any one-way trip that's ≤ 1000 miles.
  • In the USA I would usually drive since bus and train lines are slow and infrequent. Flying would be fine but it's usually pretty expensive; if I'm on a business trip I'd more likely fly. In Europe or Japan I'd more likely take a high speed train; they're fast, comfortable and relatively inexpensive.
  • It would depend on such factors as time, expence and length of time spent there. To drive you are looking at an average driving time of 8 hours. The time is extended for rest stops and eating and in some cases filling the gas tank however many cars today can travel 400 miles on one tank. Flying is generally the fastest and also the most expensive today with all the add-ons charged for. Bus/coach for a 400 mile trip isn't too bad but stetch it out to 1200 miles it is modern day torcher! If you haven't spent 36 hours on a bus lately you don't know how uncomfortable it can be. It is the least expensive way to travel however. Trains here in the USA are almost nonexistant outside Amtrac as far as passenger trains are concerned. They are also very inconvenient as they require their passengers to travel hundreds of miles out of their way to arrive at their destination, or even within a couple of hundred miles of it! Passenger trains were one of the better methods of travel for many years but they priced themselves out and had to giveway to airplanes. Most trackage has been removed that once connected may small towns. So over all if I have the time I will drive my personal car. If I am in a hurry I will fly. If I like self torture I will take the bus. If I don't mind going out of my way and still have to take other transportation such as car rental to drive 400 miles to get to my destination I will take the train! OH! wasn't I only going 400 miles in the first place?
  • Any way but fly.
  • Add 1,000 miles to that, and it'll be true for me. I sorta want to go by plane but scared, i may just drive there instead. As long as things don't change...
  • Id drive, Unless parking is a nightmare. In that case Id take a train or bus.
  • "You have to..." Sounds like it's not my idea, so I probably didn't plan the trip and it is probably a business trip. Therefore, I'd take a train. If I planned the trip, I'd take a convertable (cabriolet).
  • It depends if I am domestic or int'l, or whether I am on business or leisure and finally, whether which is most convenient to get to my final location in terms of point A to point B with the least amount of transfers, hassles and time.
  • Depending on where but I would prefer to drive! With the top down weather permitting of course! lol
  • From Munich, I would rather get a train if I were alone, or drive if I were to take the family or some large luggage with me.
  • Depends on where you're travelling to/from and if you wanted the quickest or the cheapest means of travel.
  • I will never take a bus again. last time was a disaster. At 400 miles by the time I have to stop and rest because of health reasons It would be about a 10 hour drive..not my idea of a fun trip. I will fly.
  • I'd talk my husband into flying me there.
  • If I have enough time, I would prefer driving.
  • Where we live, we drive. Very rural area and sometimes flight connections are not good for us and also for where we are going.

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