• I read news from three reliable sources. +4
  • Proverbs chapter 14 and verse 15 states " The naive person believes every word, but the shrewd one ponders each step." More practical Bible information can be found at
    • Sandra Ursula
      JWs don't use the Christian Bible, and the Bible is just bad fiction anyhow.
  • I'm not na├»ve, so I know the media deceives the public to promote its biased agendas.
  • depends on what it is
  • I'm not sure of any reporter who has credibility anymore. Nor have I heard of any "reliable, independent sources." All of the sources now are "anonymous," which, to me, means "we just made that shit up."
  • I use reason and research and don't much trust any current major (democrat owned) news source. Democrats learned long ago how to manipulate and control sheeple through fake news. And they don't stop there. They are willing to strong arm through any means necessary to force their oppression on anyone they can all while professing to liberate them.
  • Testing the credibility of news stories through reliable, independent sources is not really feasible without spending all your your time "testing". I do NOT believe the free press is the enemy of the people which was a message taken directly from Adolf Hitler's rise to power. I do not, however, trust news agencies like the National Enquirer or Fox News. Both have been caught many times deliberately changing news stories and falsifying photos to fit their political agenda.
    • ReiSan
      Fox is more honest than CNN. The press abuses its freedoms badly. It is a terrible enemy of the people. It has incited civil war with its incendiary lies.

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