• It is wrong! Humans should use their higher level of intelligence for good, not for killing!
    • Venus1485
      Nothing wrong with it.
  • I don't think it's wrong. Everything we eat was once alive whether animal or vegetable. Anyone who thinks they aren't responsible for the death of their food products just because they weren't the one who got their hands bloody is living in a dream world.
  • There is nothing wrong with hunting. I am not a hunter and I love animals. If someone wants to hunt, they use all the meat and they use the hide. I see nothing wrong with that. If they are just hunting for sport and leaving the animal carcass there to rot, that is wrong.
  • I don't have a problem with controlled hunting. Many people around here depend on game for food. Would you like my recipe for barbeque ground hog?
  • If the meat is used, then no, I don't believe it is wrong.
  • Wrong, we really dont NEED to hunt anymore... Wit how far food technology has come in this day and age....
  • my family that hunts eat the meat so their controlling the deer population and getting full at the same time
  • I see nothing wrong with hunting as a mean to feed yoursel and your family, but I haven't quite come to grip with hunting with your stomach full and your fridge and shelf with plenty. For a long time I've been wrestling with the idea of taking the life of another creature just for sport.
  • If you use the meat it's perfectly fine. I fail to see the difference between killing an animal yourself and paying a slaughterhouse to do it.
  • Its good when the meat/hide is being used for the family but I dont believe in trophy hunting (shooting just to kill)
  • I dont think you could ever call it wrong, its natural - Granted, Unnecessary for most of us. Like many people have already said... I see no problem with hunting to feed yourself i also see no problem with hunting as vermin control I don't judge ppeople for hunting for sport.. but i dont see what purpose it serves
  • Of course it's wrong. No one wants to die as someone else's food. If a hunter is willing to be shot down by me to be fed to a hungry lion (a carnivore thqat can't survive on plants), then he may hunt. Otherwise what gives him the right to kill simply because he can? Might is not Right. Choosing to eat flesh over plant foods does not pertain to survival matters but directly and solely pertains to an immoral, low-life, lack-of-discipline kind of eating habit.
  • I love animals and I hunt but the reason I want to do it is so that my Lab mix has something to do. Its a good thing my family likes duck. But its not wrong even if your just killing it. What if a wolf is on its death bed was hungry and it needs to eat soon but it finds a deer that has been shot, you just saved a wolf :) Any way all meat eaters hunt, why should it be bad for humans to hunt, its not our fault we invented the gun first
  • You don't have a lab, our lab is a puppy and is already acting wild. Like collies they need something to do to get rid of their energy. Our lab is already fetching and he saw his first waterfowl today and he went wild. Trust me its for the best for him. And in GA we can only hunt a max. of amount of something during a season so the animals is not endanger
  • Hunting will be right the day they give guns to animals and allow them to fire back. Till then, shooting defenseless animals for pleasure 'tis wrong, my friend
    • Venus1485
      Other animals can't use guns, so giving them guns is useless.
  • Game is very well-managed these days. I don't participate myself, but I think if you wanna, go fer it! - Also, there's the whole "Americana" thing, but I'm not too sure that can carry much water anymore vis-a-vis *any* argument! - ;-)
  • It's right, because humans have been doing it all through history. Only nut groups like PETA demonize it. and they con people a nd are terrorists. They're far worse than the hunters they demonize.
  • i think its wrong cause youre killing animals
  • i think its wrong but i cant stop people from doing it

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