• People want to burn calories, but too many of them do not fully know why. What is a calorie? Simply put a calorie is a way to measure energy; 3,500 calories equal 1 pound, which is equal to 2.2 kilograms. Putting this numerically, if you eat 500 calories (2.3 ounces) less per day (perhaps skipping that donut with breakfast) for seven days, you will lose 1 pound. If you also exercise and burn off 500 calories per day (perhaps by bike riding), you will then lose 2 pounds per week. It's well known in the world of fitness that cardiovascular exercise (meaning, exercise that uses your heart and lungs in activities such as walking fast, walking on a treadmill or running) burns a lot of calories and fat. This exercise is crucial for your overall health. We also know that weight training - whether it is with dumbbells, a resistance band or lifting a 1-pound can of food - burns calories. In fact, many believe that weight training burns calories for a longer time than, let's say, walking on a treadmill. It is great that you can burn 500 calories in a hour running, but if you also weight train you will burn calories for hours - not just during that hour. For example, a 130-pound woman will burn about 235 calories while playing moderately with her children. Although that same hour spent weight training may only burn 175 calories, she will continue to burn calories for a longer time, meaning both activities are important to overall health. House cleaning will burn an amazing 200 calories per hour. Cooking and food preparation burns 100 calories per hour. Light bicycling burns about 300 calories per hour. General caring for children can burn up to 200 calories per hour. As you can see these amounts add up as you go about your day. You don't need a lot of fancy equipment nor do you even have to leave your house. The number of calories burned during exercise does depend on the amount of lean muscle – people with more muscle and less fat will burn more calories. It also depends on the size of the person – a heavier person will burn more calories during exercise than a light person. To lose a pound of fat from exercise alone means burning about 3,500 extra calories. Climbing Stairs Walking up and down the stairs burns up around 350 to 800 calories an hour. Housework Different kinds of housework burn up different numbers of calories – vacuuming and mopping floors each burn up about 200 calories an hour (scrubbing the floor could burn off 300-500 calories an hour), and cleaning windows burns up about 180 calories an hour. Doing the housework is a great way to get into somebody’s good books too. Gardening Helping with the garden could burn off up to 350 calories an hour, but a bit of gentle weeding won’t burn as many as digging over the vegetable patch. Cycling The number of calories burned by cycling depends on how rough the ground is, what direction the wind is blowing, and how hilly it is. Gentle cycling will burn up about 300 - 600 calories an hour – but more strenuous cycling could burn off up to 1300 calories an hour. Aerobics Aerobics can be low-impact or high-impact, and can burn off up to 420 calories an hour for a fast and intense class (step aerobics could burn off as many as 450 calories an hour). Walking Walking as exercise doesn’t need to be ‘going for a walk’ (though that can be fun) – just get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Walking can burn off anything from about 150 calories an hour up to as many as 420 calories an hour, depending on whether it is on flat ground or up steep hills, and how fast the pace is. Running Depending on the speed, weather conditions, and hilliness, running can burn off anything up to 1700 calories an hour (but it could just be 450 calories an hour). Swimming Swimming can be gentle, but more demanding swimming can also burn off 500 to 900 calories an hour. Football Football burns up about 470 to 640 calories an hour, depending on the size of person playing. Tennis A game of tennis could burn off 350 to 700 calories an hour. Rock Climbing Rock climbing involves a lot of strength and stamina, and can burn around 700 calories an hour. Dancing Salsa dancing could burn off about 400 calories an hour, and ballroom dancing (depending on how sedate it is) could lose 250 to 400 calories an hour. Ballet probably burns about 330 calories an hour. Muscle Just having an extra pound of lean muscle burns an extra 35 to 50 calories a day (without doing anything). Eating Even eating burns calories. Digesting food burns about 10% of the calories eaten.
  • Not much I can add to that excellent and very comprehensive answer, always think intensity and try to intervals in your training, as well as weight training
  • This is a question that is impossible to answer because it all depends on how hard you do something. If you skip for an hour intensively then you can lose up to 1000 calories but most people can't even manage 10min of intensive skipping. The best thing to do is strap a heart monitor device to yourself, that way it will tell you your heart rate, steps taken and the amount of calories you are burning, it's the only true way to know.
  • The calorie burning varies with the type of activity you do. Doing INTENSIVE cardio will definitely help you to burn anywhere around 600 calories in an hour. Even weight training per hour burn more calories if its a heavy work out.
  • 12-08-2016 You need to read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right. Calories have nothing to do with it. You should be eating about 0.4 gram of complete protein per pound of body weight every day, counting only 6 grams per egg, 12 grams per glass of milk, and 24 grams per quarter pound of meat. Eat veggies with every meal, or whole grain bread every day, to keep your bowel movements regular. Fat is made of carbon and hydrogen. The only way it comes out of the body is if it is turned into carbon dioxide and water and then it comes out through the lungs. So that involves a lot of heavy breathing, and that means jogging or aerobic dancing. Figure on losing one pound per week when you are doing things right.
  • depends on the exercise.
  • I do 20 minutes of cardio and burn around 120 calories. But I'm going to bump it up to 35 minutes. Also, if you're trying to lose weight I would recommend fasted cardio. It's when you don't eat a pre workout meal before you do cardio. Burns fat quicker. But you'll be low on energy.

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