• Yes.I have reoccuring dreams of people laughing and judgeing me,talking of me as if I'm not in the room,and these horrible evil people who remain faceless and nameless have been invading my dreams quite often lately,for no apparent reason.Rarely do I have good dreams when I dream.Not quite are they nightmares(They don't terrify me),but they are heartless cold nothingness dreams that keep me trapped in hell night after night.*Thanks,Chainsaw.What A great question.*+++++*
  • My reoccurrance is a calm, light feeling when I am spritually in tuned with my self and God. Then all of a sudden I start to float, still standing and very calm, but I float to give other faith and to show them how to be at peace with themselves. I always feel empowered after these dreams.
  • Most of my dreams involve the house I grew up in. I either live there or visiting there. I think it's quite wierd I've lived in quite a few houses but only this one features in my dreams.
  • For me it more of a reoccurring feeling. I feel the same way in every dream and that's like sh*t.
  • I dream a lot about fish and water. Sometimes the fish turn into birds and fly away. I also have a recurring dream about a tornado. Anyone know what this means?
  • possibly; people in my dreams, my mum sometimes comes with me on my wild excursions........
  • Dreams are strange. I sometimes have dreams about old school days and people I have not seen for years. Same for the military years. Recurring, though not often, dreams of very dangerous times and different people I knew. Sometimes family members appear. I cannot always make a link or any reason why I dreamed what I did. They are often things I never think about in consciousness.
  • Yes, I often have dreams that take place at an old school I attended.
  • here lately i hadn even been remembering my dreams. ;)
  • There is a dark figure in my dreams that tortures me. Has recurred a lot in my life.
  • Yes! Ever since I was a kid I dream about tornados. The whole dream won't be about them, one will just make a special appearance and everyone in the dream has to run for it. The funny thing is it isn't a scary dream either, it's more of an action/adventure dream. Strange....
  • A tiger.
  • Yes, I have recurring elements of being on porches, platforms, scaffolding and in the upstairs of buildings. Basically, any structure about the ground. hmm...
  • I seem to have either F1 racecar driving or escaping a zombie horde

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