• Sadly, sometimes it is for some folks. It should be where we all learn our basic values and are loved and nurtured.
  • No. We don't overcome childhood. Childhood is a stage in the continuum of our lives. It's where we first learn how to live in this world. From it, we grow and mature as people.
  • I think there's "some" truth to it!
  • That's not entirely fiction: childhood is when some of the most intractable "prisons" of the mind are formed -- deeply conditioned decisions about who one is and what life is that shape and limit the boundless possibilities of life. In other words, that is where we form the hardest walls of our "box". Much of adulthood struggles can be traced back to these anchors from childhood.
  • I think one cannot be expected to be a responsible adult if he/she was never allowed to be a child. Childhood is a period in one's life where mistakes can be made with relative impunity. Those mistakes should be allowed to be made, despite the the perfection-mindedness of the parents. Children are not perfect. If they are made to believe they are or should be perfect, it is a great disservice to them.
  • It's what some people spend a lifetime trying to mature out of.
  • some people do for sure
  • No, it is more like trying to live up to the expectations of childhood.
  • Absolutely not. My childhood was a magic time in my life when everything was possible if I wanted it and every day was and adventure. What I would do to have those very same feelings again...
  • Not actually. I had a better childhood under the care and protection of my parents. They were always nice to me and gifted me with those things which helped me through the long run of life!
  • Never thought of it that way but yeah that definatly sounds true in my case
  • The rest of your life? No. But it does have a bearing on what we fundamentally are. You ultimately choose who you are, yourself, nobody can forge you to what they want you to be 100%, nor are we destined to be victims of our circumstances, assuming we are strong enough to overcome them. Life is a long road, comprised of many paths and twists. Childhood may be the beginning of this road but it is, by no means, the answer to our destination.
  • Very true, Super ?, hence the saying, "Child, is the father of man" Explained: People's personalities form when they are children; A person will have the same qualities as an adult that he or she had as a child.
  • It can seem like that for some of us. I am living proof it is possible to work through, sometimes it comes in small steps sometimes in bigger ones but it is possible to finally achieve what may have seemed impossible at one time. I hope you have people that are supportive who understand and love you in your life.

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