• I don't know anything about her. But considering pageant winners aren't called on to do a great deal but cut ribbons, I'm sure she'll do fine. Perhaps she can keep her opinions to herself, which would make her already ten times better than the woman she replaced.
  • She's very pretty and I like what she said here: "I also do a lot of work with this charity called Sparrow Club that helps kids with medical needs. I’m really hoping I can focus on that, as well as other charities aligned with the Miss Universe Organization." I think she'll do a great job. Best of luck to her!
  • Tami Farrell will do just fine, she speaks very well, the does have an intelligent look in her face and she is beautiful. I guess it runs in the family!!!! . Regards. PS: Sorry no better video available.
  • i have no idea, dont know her

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