• here gimme a minute kk? I'm not exactly a scripter, more of a java nut but ill play with it for a minute. H/O
  • o wait hang on, that (opt.value) == x should be: if (opt.value == x) {... } from my experience (i use websphere mostly for my web dev, it is VERY picky) if you try to use an open if statement, it will run with no error gen, just wont work. try put the whole statement in (), other than that, the code looks just fine. maybe take out the 'type="text/javascript"' that tag is usually only found in the HTML area. I've never seen it in a script call, but i dont use script much tho
  • Try they have some awesome java menus on there for you and you can go through the code and learn as you play with them :-)

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