• You sound adorable!!!
  • Yes,Be who you are,regardless of what that is,you are attractive.Everyone wants to feel attractive,so bottom line is love yourself first for who you are inside,then,take care of your outside.Try not to have one without the other,but ultimately,just BE YOURSELF,love!*
  • no, but only because its an obvious attempt to get compliments!
  • I don't know. What is your character like? Are you honest and truthful? Are you kind? Are you reliable and responsible? Are you respectful and mannerly? Are you honorable? Do you work well with others? Beauty is as beauty does. If you think all that matters in life is your boobs and your appearance, you will be serially divorced. Be a woman, not and object.
  • I've never particularly found numbers to be attractive, but the only thing you've really described are big knockers and avg sized hips.. That fits about 50% of the entire female population of the planet. For all we know you have an extreme problem with acne or got hit by a swarm of locust or even a nest of hornets yesterday. I hope not, but without more data I just can't say yes or no.. I take that back. I could say yes or no, but I won't say yes or no. Hell, you might look like Ethel from the Archie Comic strip.. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head to every guy who said yes? ;) Just for future references most people find fishing for compliments to be rather unattractive.. of course I can't speak for everyone, but it's true for quite a few.
  • Only if you're a woman....
  • You sound like you're putting too much emphasis on your looks. What does your heart look like?
  • Send photos
    • Anoname
      If she sends them hook me up with some copies.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I'll hold my breath
  • no you sound PATHETIC........why in the hell would you post such a thing? not enough attention? get a life!!!!!!!!
  • 8-24-2017 How's your cooking?

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