• The best thing you can do is for you to pick her. It will have to be someone you are comfortable with both sexually and emotionally, especailly if you are going to allow your boyfriend to have sex with her. Additionally, once you have decided who you want the other person to be, let your boyfriend meet her, talk to her and get to know her a little bit outside of the bedroom to make sure that he is comfortable around her because nothing will kill the mood more than one or more of the people involved not liking the other person. Additionally, I would make the 3some about yourself (i.e. you are doing them because you want to, not because your boyfriend wants to) and that you be the center of attention when you do have 3-way sex.
  • Hire a P.I.?
  • Could maybe try a lesbian bar as there are bound to be some bi women there Local swinger clubs There are tons of sex/dating sites that you can join that have women adverting they are looking for a 3sum or most sites you can out a ad in as a couple
    • JFinch
      Yeah definitely good suggestions.
  • Street corners.
  • i dont think thats a good idea to be honest
  • Do you have a close friend?
  • Do you hvae a freind you can invite? Is she trustworthy?

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