• "Holy s**t" involves Christianity? Cool. Sometimes. They've pretty much lost their original meaning, a bit like when someone says "Bless you" when someone sneezes - nobody really stops to think why they say "bless you" - they just say it because everyone else does. Same with most of these expressions
  • Many of these expressions are just reflex actions; most poeple probably don't even realize how often they say them. FYI, only one of your suggestions has anything to do with Christianity.
  • As stated, only the first expression can be assumed to be connected to Christianity. I use them occasionally, although on the rare occasions I say Jesus Christ I usually add and "H" in the middle or I just say "Christ!". It's habit of mine, lacking in any real meaning to me except as an exclamation.
  • I think they are just forms of expressions that have remained in society for a long time.I am sure a person is not religious because they utter these statements.Other cultures and other languages say the same things.I do say some of the above fairly often.
  • I say Jesus, Jesus Christ and Oh my God, especially in times of stress, I think I learned it young from Sunday School
  • "oh my gentle jesus" is my favorite. "holy pope on a rope, mother marys love, blessings in her blouse, can I get a hail mary"
  • i think it's time to invent some new ones that are clearly more inclusive: "Yahweh nuts!!!" "Oh Shiva Shit!"
  • I try not to but i do anyways, just slips off my tounge. Ive heard athiest and even a satanist say these things without actually knowing it
  • Christianity says not to use such expressions. It's funny that those who don't believe in God will still use them, though. It's easy to say 'it's just cultural', but how did the culture come by it? Perhaps it's simply Satan's way of getting back at God for defeating him so thoroughly 2000 years ago. He is, after all, still the god of this world.
  • I am reminded of schoolmates, who were taught to say "Jeepers Crow!", by their slightly nutty Baptist parents.
  • I don't quite use them, instead I've always mocked them saying stuff like "Holy Satan", "Bless the non-existing god!" and "in the name of the christian god of salvation!" and such things. Although I use them all the time it's fun 'cause it's not just "holy fuck" "oh my god" "jesus christ" and so on :P
  • Because the church has been converting people for about a million years, and now it's caught on and even non religious people say it. I like to say things like "Holy Jesus Christ's pantyhose!" they're a lot more fun.
  • 'Sod all!'
  • Because in the past when most people were religious phrases like that were really risque so had a lot of impact because of their shock factor. ie you would would not use the lords name in vane unless you were really angry.
  • The words, God, holy, and hell, are not exclusive to Christianity, however, considering the meaning of Exodus 20:7, Christians are quite the experts in using God's name in vain.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if they originated from people who tired of being admonished not to use the Lord's name in vain. As is often the case, the more you tell someone NOT to do something, the more they resist.
  • "Christ on a bike!" is an all time clasic.
  • Yes!! I use them all and I'm not one bit religious lol.
  • I use these types of exlamations all the time and have no idea why. I think habit is the main reason. It is something I am trying to be more conscious of. I am not religious myself but realize these words can be very offensive to those who are.
  • I use "Jesus f*cking Lucifer" because Jesus f*cking Christ doesn't make sense.
  • Because only through genuine offense may one truly express actual negative, or at least surprise, emotion. In the Western world, Christianity is the prominent religion, so it sounds quite offending, yet, normal and familiar to most. So you can get away with it while, at the same time, expressing true shock, anger and all without everyone looking at you weird, such as someone who might exclaim "what in the seven hells?!" or "By all dem scurrying Devils under my feet!" Hell I don't know, it's the same where I live. All the Catholic items, such as chalices, holy wafers or even the name of the hill on which Jesus was crucified are used as everyday cuss words.
  • Because it gets such juicy reactions. +5

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