• Why don't I just write it for you?
  • Depends on what the book is about.
  • Where ever there is "silence". Golden. . . . . .silence!
  • Are you talking about the best place to receive inspiration, or the best place to set your novel? I think anywhere but the hospital would be a good place to write, as long as you're in a peaceful, quiet place. Hospitals aren't usually known for their tranquility. As for the setting, I'd choose a forest or a cave because buildings are very mundane places to set a story, and the forest offers possibilities for adventure. Hope this helps. Happy writing!
  • ..wherever your inspiration comes from, whether it's in the middle of a busy mall or on a lake in the mountains......
  • Do you mean a place for you to write it or a place that the plot is?
  • Ehichever you like. Also depending on the plot. I wouldn't recommend to write about some hunters in a hospital, or wounded people going to a cave. Although that would be kind of an interesting story, now that I think of it. You could also have all those places. Like the character goes from his house to the woods, he finds a church where they give him a holy mission to a cave and he ends up in a hospital in which he meets a clown who takes him to the circus and finally he ends up in a parallel plane of existance due to a very dangerous trick with a ring of fire and a monocycle. (yeah I added the last parts hehe)
  • Probably a cave where you can ask the bats for advise with the suspense parts. ^_^
  • A cave. Caves are quiet. +5
  • Well if you go with Biological Humans I'm thinking a secret military base, perhaps hidden inside a cave. Or if you go a different direction a hospital. If you go with werewolves or elves, a forest. Sea monster forest with a swamp. Vampires cave or old castle-like house.
  • Abandoned city at the edge of the sea, or on an island. Then you can have a church, hospital, and house. Multiple locations means you move the main characters around. (I said by the SEA, hint hint hint)
  • The most controversial a place, can get you more sales and that's what every author desires.A dash of weird,multiple locations which are picturesque and lots of characters.At the end of the day you should consider how it would look on the big screen. Stunning twists and gory details makes gripping reading.The main tool of selling anything should be sex as a part of the plot and not just a sweetener!You can have all the above locales in your plot!Wish you all the very best!
  • IF you're looking for a quiet place to write a book, I'd suggest a library!!! There is minimal noise pollution, you have access to computer, printer, reference material, heat or a/c as needed...ALL within a few steps of each other. When time comes to promote your book, a library is still a good place as you can donate a copy to the library & make it a tax write-off!!!
  • In the library. It would feel at home there among the other books.

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