• I know Howard Terpning has sold 3 in the last 6-8 months for over 1 million, but i was curious of who else is in that prestigious group...
  • I don't know about $1 million for a single piece, but Thomas Kinkaid is the richest living artist on the planet. Not only has he sold thousands of originals and prints, he's sold his artwork on products like mugs, plates, etc. There are even Thomas Kinkaid subdivisions full of Thomas Kinkaid homes that look like the cottages in his paintings, and are furnished with Thomas Kinkaid looking furniture and other accessories. Some would not call him a "real" artist, but in the commercial sense, he has certainly been successful!
  • Damien Hirst finds it hard to sell for less that £1million (that's over $2million) :) 28 of his paintings recently went for £25million. (which is less than a million, but I think we should forgive him) As for the other 9... I don't know.

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