• I never get tired of answering screwballs.
  • I think it goes both ways. Some atheists on AB ask a lot of questions just to goad the theists. I guess I really hate the arrogant, "I know my GOD is right and you'll regret it if you don't convert" type of questions more than the assumptive "atheist just wants to be immoral" type of questions. I really dislike the recovered addicts who can't spell, don't know basic English grammar and who've basically been complete fuck-ups all their lives tell those of us who've always lived good lives, contributed to society and been successes in multiple ways that we're ought to listen to them. I just refuse to take a recovering fuck-up seriously until they've actually accomplished something more than trading one addiction for another. +3
  • If you are talking about those questions posed to you here at AB, then I think it's a little ignorance and the need to gain points to further their climb up the latter of award recognition...
  • They amuse me and give me plenty of opportunities to let my impish side thrive.
  • I have a good number of years of pent-up frustration in store against the religious community. Bring 'em on.
  • I love to smack them about the head, I do think some are just out to shit stir while others are just to brainwashed to know any better and a few really want to know what makes us tick... anyway its all good and at least AB is NOT Yahoo where they ruled and got people banned for not agreeing with them or sticking up for them selves
  • I never get tired, just a little saddened, by peoples lack of understanding about the real world. It's just as easy to believe that god doesn't exist as it to believe it does. Theists live under the assumption that something better than themselves exists and created reality as a playground for them to feel guilty about existing in. It's very sad to have so little faith in yourself that, what little you do have, gets converted into to cash and given to someone else. Which only goes to bolster their ego over the control they have over people and, in some cases, bolster their pathological belief that martyrdom proves divinity.
  • I think they are so caught up in their view of religion, they need to get everyone to see it their way. It's hard for anyone who thinks atheists are going to hell to simply let it happen. They need to save us.
  • The only question that showed they didn't understand atheists was one that implied atheists beleived in satin. But I told them we just don't believe in god and they were perfectly respectful afterward. Some questions I get are insulting like one person was insinuating that I had no moral values because I didn't believe in the bible. (Like I didn't beleive in loving your neighbor and such because the bible taught it.) THAT was insulting.
  • Naw, they really are that stupid. You have to remember that they do honestly believe they have an invisible sky daddy and that when they die, they'll go to the clouds. If you can believe that shit, there can't be any limit to their stupidity
  • From a Christian perspective, you mentioned that "religionists" have little or no understanding of what an atheist actually is. What exactly is there to understand outside the fact that than an atheist is one who doesn't believe in a deity? In light of the above mentioned, I have to agree that some religionists, religious, or whatever word one wants to use, do ask some pretty inane and irrelevant questions. Some do it to incite reactions and others ask honest questions from the heart because they care. How they ask will vary from person to person.

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