• Women keep paying it,smart on the owners
  • I just let my natural beauty show...
  • Yes, its called a baseball cap.
  • I have so many different products, plus straighteners, curling tongs and rollers. Most days though I just have to use a serum and hair protector before blow drying, and maybe give it a spritz of hair perfume after.
  • I have my hair cut short enough that I don't need to do a thing with it.
  • No, I have a job that starts too early in the morning and I don't feel like getting up an hour earlier to do my hair. So I just put it in a pony tail real quick and straighten the little peice of bangs that hang to the side and I'm ready to go. On the weekend I let my curls down and spray them with "Dream Curl" hair spritz. I'm only sexy on the weekends. lol
  • ... no ... "God only made a few perfect heads, the rest He covered with hair."
  • Powered trimmers keep my hairstyle under control. High and tight all the way.
  • Never needed to use any of those .. . now, I just blowdry and spray a little fixative on my bangs and that's it. I like to feel my hair move.
  • so if this tells you anything... i have one of those door hangers for your shoes to organize them ya know??? yeah i have that hanging on my bathroom door and it contains hair care products and makeup and a couple of them have lotions and skin care products. but most are filled with hair care. i have naturally wavy hair. so somedays i want it wavy, some days i make it curly, and some days straight. some days i dont care. i just recently got a hair cut and cant even put it up in a ponytail so a straightener, hairspray, and bobby pins are my friends right now :)
  • For what I have I use Bed Head products. Used to have more, but still enousgh. Here's a ditty: Almost cut my hair.Happened just the other day. It was getting kinda long. I knew I coulda said it was in my eye way. But I didn't and I wonder why. Feel like lettig my freak flag fly. I feel .like I owe it to someone. CSNY 1969
  • curling tongs every day
  • i use my ghd straigteners :)

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