• I would say first name ok, surname definitely no, email address most people have 1 or 2 for business and outside interest, but phone number no go. Please tell me if I am wrong. In divorce cases I suppose flirtish behaviour with another user could be used as evidence of an affair backed up with details??
  • Identity theft. is the first one Stalking is the second.
  • Identity theft Mistaken identity Foul Play Someone randomly promising to pay off your whole mortgage! "Gee, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!" BLEH
  • I don't want to find out:)
  • Whether you voluntarily do that or not, computer hackers can break into any data base they want to and there is nothing you can do about it. I don't do any banking online ever...even though I am told there are all kinds of security precautions and safety nets. But if someone is determined to find out about you I'm sure there are many ways to do so. I personally would not volunteer a social security number or a bank account number or credit card number or my full real name, although some AB members know what my name is. In the final analysis, we are all sitting ducks for being compromised whether we are willing participants or not. I know..scary isn't it? :)
  • People with nothing better to do with their lives write you surprise letters.
  • having a stalker
  • because all these make-believe personas have real people behind them and we have no way of knowing who each really is
  • There are no more risks with people knowing your name on the internet than when meeting them personally, through business, or just shopping in town, meaning if someone wants to stalk you or do you wrong, they can. I'm not a fan of giving out phone numbers online too casually, and I often get asked to delete those after they've been shared here on AB. It would be better to share those through email probably, never know who is watching.
  • i dont see how anyone can do anything with just your name but email and phone number could cause a little disruptiveness.
  • limitless!
  • Word to the wise...don't do it! :)
  • First of all never do it or lie about it and people can find you with it
  • Magical gnomes will move into your house, subscribe to all kinds of porn under your email address, and then call 1-976 numbers until your phone bill is higher than the US national debt.
  • None, as long as you give your name and address as "Barack Obama, 1600 Pennsylvania, Washington, DC."

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