• Use it in a sentence, please.
  • Planeable..what are you planning?) A Party:):) I hope so:)
  • According to some sources I Googled, it's spelled plannable.
    • Rick Myres
      That is correct.
  • I checked your last question, and found that you may have meant "unable to be planned" human beings. I don't think "Plannable" is not a real word. There are "plan, planning, planned to, planless", but planable is not an accepted word. Yet...
  • Perhaps, if I knew how it was pronounced. Planuhble and planAble, I think, would have diff. meanings and perhaps spellings. Of course Plan Able, would be some secret military scheme. I checked ,which sez it has '13,549,061 words in 1009 dictionaries indexed' plannable was in only ONE dictionery, an English to German one, a vocabulary actually. It didn't define plannable, but spelled it with 2 n's. It translates to planbar which IS defined, it means 'plannable' (!) and 'predictible'. Planbar sein means 'to be able to schedule.' So even if we English speakin folks don't think there is such a word and therefor can't spell it,( That's what comes of having a language that evolves instead of being all planned out.) the Germans are perfectly happy to not only have a word for it in their language but to spell it for us in ours. But then them Germans think every thing is plannable. But perhaps you were trying to spell plantable, which, of course, is a piece of furniture around which schemers gather to discuss and determine if events are plannable or will just happen willy nilly. Or perhaps planetable, which means that various chunks of rock and other space debriss can be conglomerated into a planet. Do not confuce planetable with planetable which is a piece of furniture on which non-fancy meals are served. As you can see I am a espert on speling, and werd meanies, sew wus glad to hepp. Here's some schemers at a plantable, something that was obviously not planned and should have been preventable, and too people who have apparently just seen the movie.

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