• Slow learners?
  • the unscrupulous can attract followers by claiming they are in the know about the end of days and continued propogation of armageddon being imminent.
  • Because they are all either insane or emotionally and/or intellectually challenged.
  • Actually it says noone knows the day or the hour, and yet the person who said that also was telling at the same time the signs of what to look for when these things were occurring. Still, yeah, there are some who keep on guessing. There are seven billion of us. If we all picked a straw out of a hat (one huuuuge hat, with a lot of straw in it) and each straw had a different date, someone would surely get it as an uneducated guess.
  • because they are human, vain, wise , prideful and STUPID,unhumble,disobediant, to disregard what GOD said..."don't worry about it, just be READY"...and they aren't READY ,and they are DISOBEDIANT, and they are teaching FALSELY...HE always punished disobediance and HE will ..but we should not worry about such as these because HE also said,"Vengeance is MINE.".:)
  • Simple. A broken clock is "right" twice a day. Eventually the world will end. Happy Tuesday! :)
  • because they are full of sh*t. We do not know when the end is
  • Well you gotta admit, they'd know that they'd sound stupid if they kept stating: "We're pretty darned sure!"
  • You are so right xhepera! I don't know why. maybe so they can be prepared? I don't think it is coming in our lifetime (but how would I know> the angels don't even know!) I think things in this world are going to get a lot worse before it ends. Jesus has to come first and even after that it may be a while, I am no expert on revelations.
  • Assuming that there is an end, you can't possibly go wrong saying it "draws nearer". But saying that it IS near is presumptuous speculation.
  • Well, there are all kinds of ideas as to when the end will come, but let's take a look at a few facts. The world economy is plunging, the oceans are dying, the ice caps are melting, the ozone layer is disappearing, We have wars and rumors of wars, we have Iran with nuclear fuel and North Korea with the ability to use it, Russia and the US (lion and the lamb) are allies and there are more volcanoes errupting now, than in any time in recorded history.
  • I agree with you, they shouldn't. I am a Christian and know that it is Biblical that Jesus will return "like a thief in the night". There will be no warning sign for that actual event. I imagine that the point of some Churches pointing to the "end" is because it's so crucial that people come to the Lord before it's too late. Sue
  • As a child and even in adulthood, there were several stores in midtown Manhattan (mostly electronics) that had "Going out of business" sale signs in their windows. Since it was a tourist area, i suspect it was a good ploy to create urgency. The stores have been doing it for at least 30 years and the church has been "going out of business" for 2000. Business is business.
  • The Last days started in 1914 when Satan was hurled to earth and jesus took the throne! And the end does not mean the end of the world it means the end to this wicked system of things! in other words the end of the humanly government away with crimes death, and so on! As Revelation 21:4 says He will wipe every tear from their eys and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore the former things have past away!
  • He said we would know the beginning of the earth pangs or sorrow. as we see the signs of the times stated in Mathew 24:verses 6-8 No one does know the date but will know of the time of the beginnings of the earth pangs. Read on in Mathew. Very important. Hope this helps.

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