• I like it trim and cut. Most guys dont like an amazon forest. Some like it bald.
  • Not all men like it that way. Many prefer things to be left quite natural.
  • I can take you....I mean that either way. I'm still getting to the goods regardless.
  • Most men I have ever known has preferred bald. I also like the feeling of being shaved so I shave every morning. Be careful as you might get ingrown hairs and irritation your first few shaves. I bought bikini zone shave cream and after gel. It works great and you can pick it up fairly cheap at Wal-Mart.
  • I would not start shaving right away. I would start by trimming closely and then try to shave with the bikini zone stuff. If you shave straight away, you might hurt yourself. I can't shave comfortably and can't afford to wax, so I just trim it closely with small sewing scissors. They are very precise.
  • A trim is just polite, but he should be keeping his naughty bits nice and neat as well. However, going totally bald raises some issues because you are very likely to get razor burn and it will itch like hell when it grows back. Tell him that you'll do it if he'll shave his ball sack! Don't do it if you're not comfortable with it.
  • Many men like it bald, is is how I thought MOST ALL men like it. But by things I see & hear, finding out there are more men than I thought there were who like it trimmed, or even completely natural. If you do shave completely there, whether you start out by just trimming first or not, DO use the Bikini Zone to help to not have bumps. I know once started with shaving completely, have to keep up with it, or else will be stubble. That will be very uncomfortable to your guy.
  • Either way.
  • Not all men do. Those that have probably watch too much porn. He might find your lower regions more sexually appealing if you do this, but you shouldn't do it unless you feel comfortable or unless he promises to remove any body hair on himself that you don't find attractive (i.e. armpits, chest, back, etc.).
  • I think it's more attractive. Hairy vagina is not that sexy. At least keep it trimmed and cleaned up.
  • He will like it just fine until it gorws back in and your grabbing your crotch all the time scratching. If you wax it into an airstrip...that should suffice. Shaving it makes it bumpy unsightly and painful when it grows back in.

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