• No. I'm not so sure about you mom though...
  • it depends on the women to be honest, but I would say that the majority would care about more than that
  • No. We also care about a sense of humor, and being treated well.
  • I'm sure most people will respond by minimizing money and looks; because it's the politically correct way to respond. But in reality, money and looks are major factors in a relationship - or especially in allowing a relationship to even begin. If a woman tells you they're not, I think she's in denial. If her "guy" earned below average money, or even below whatever it is she earns, she probably would have (at least physchologically) considered that a strike against him. And although women will always portray themselves as factoring in more things than looks, it would be interesting that could be tested. For example, take a good-looking guy and make his ears stick out - and instantly, I bet a lot of girls wouldn't date him. Take someone like Brad Pit or whoever is popular now, and give turn up his nose 1/4 inch , and voila, they'd look the other way. No way to really test my theories but food for thought. At least guys will be honest and admit that looks are important. Women will never admit that they are superficial.
  • NO! WTF! What do you think we ARE!...... If you have Money.....we do not care a fuck what you look like! We are not shallow!
  • NO! Well at least this chick doesn't care about looks. My husband looks like George Costanza from Seinfeld so that should prove my point. I did care about money though....I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom so I needed a husband who could support us.
  • Nope, I care about character. Money and looks go away. Besides, it really doesn't matter how much money a man has if he isn't willing to share it with you. And it doesn't matter how good he looks if he wants to share that with everyone. Give me an average guy of above average character every time. That's what I've got, and I'm keeping him.
  • I am a woman and I don't care about money or looks. I care if I am living a Godly life and i care about people.
  • Some women may be like that not all of us although if the man is loving and kind with a sense of humour the looks and money can be a bonus.:)
  • No, Thank GOD! I'd NEVER have been married (twice) or had two kids. ;-)
  • Most women nowadays care much about money, then looks, it's pretty hard to find a women who hasn't got this on their priority list, my opinion
  • No. My husband worked at a burger place, and I didnt find him to be the best looker in the room when I met him. BUT fell in love with him, he was confident, smart...wise, caring, understanding, assertive, quiet, forward...and played beautiful music. We fell in love, he worked hard...made enough money...and hes the Sexiest thing I could want now. MmMm. Plus hes the ishnet in bed. Even though...he didnt have a girlfriend till he was 25. He knows how to make my body feel better than I do. HmM, Strange. BUT...To date or love for money and looks is crap, cuz it ends up you stay with them for only those 2 reasons. Some girls do, but really...I think the majority is looking for a decent man who will love them, treat them with respect, be faithful...and understanding. That they are good lovers, friends, and men who make them whole.
  • They care about it as much as men care about looks and weight...Does that make you sweat? ;) JK. Women are generally more tolerant and less picky about superficial elements. But I enjoyed making you sweat!
  • believe me...they are an important factor. But really, its how we are treated.
  • Well, yes.
  • I heard the ultimate aphrodesiacs are Money and Power. If looks counted for anything, I'd never have married at all. [jk]
  • Here's a way to tell - take a sampling of rich guys and see if they have problem finding dates/wife. Take a sampling of great looking guys and see if they have a problem finding dates/wife. Does that answer your question? In both cases, they could be the biggest a-holes around and if they have either money or looks, they'll get women! Disclaimer: this doesn't mean ALL women are after money or looks though. But it is evidence that money and looks are very important factors. Note: All the women who say sense of humor is important - what is underlying their answer is (once established that the guy has money/looks... it's then important/nice if they can make me laugh while they are out with me and taking me places, buying me things, and making sure I never have to worry about anything financial the rest of my life! (Ouch!). There are a lot of ugly comedians who are lonely and wondering where these women who are so into humor really are!
  • No of course not. I fell in love with the man I'm with now without knowing how he looks or how much he makes. His personality is one of a kind, a kid at heart and still as strong as a man. My hero and my comdedian. Encourages me when I feel distraught. Looks and money are nothing when it comes to finding love.
  • Money not but looks !!!!! well. all day and night to get them wrinkles out and the right shade lipstick lol. Speaks for itself mind you, men are just as bad
  • hell no !!! but to be honest some of them are.. but tht doesnt mean all ..
  • No, they care about shoes, too.
  • Its a stereotype just because of a few shallow ones. Most women want the same thing from a man that you want from a woman. Minus a working Penis.
  • I have known a few superficial women like that, but the majority of women couldn't care less about either one.
  • I don't think so. I think most women care about finding a good person.
  • ...NO.

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