• 20 seconds is to much time eh? and im sure new pc's are at 15
  • The computer boots quickly - it's the ever-bloating software we put on it that takes so long to load.
  • It still has a mechanical part called a hard drive. When they get rid of the moving parts it will turn on faster but..... You also have a power supply. This turns the wall AC into DC current to run the PC. The wall is 120 volts and your PC needs a lot less voltage and in DC current so the power supply has to change it and then filter it. That takes a little time to do and then the fans have to cool it down because it heats up so again you have a mechanical part. Even the electrical parts get hot. So much wasted energy in there becoming heat. In fact most people do not understand that wattage is a measure of heat. So is your light bulbs. Pretty soon they should be able to dispense with those things. I'm sure a PC expert can explain better. I just build old style tube guitar amps like ones from the 1950-60's.
  • My Commodore 64 booted up a whole lot faster than my present machine!
  • They can and do, but the dumb masses won't buy them.

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