• One of the first steps in preproduction is to find suitable locations that fit the needs of the project. "Needs" includes the proper look as well as places that fit the schedule, budget, and are logistically suitable to shoot in/at. To find these places, a Location Scout is hired. Location Scouts are specialists in the particulars of what it takes to shoot in any given environment. They will look at the script and have discussions with the Director and Producer to determine what kinds of locations are needed. Then, most Location Scouts will have a portfolio of locations that can be or have been used for filming. Anything from private homes to national parks. IF a story is set in a very specific location that just can't be obtained or is impossible to shoot at (ie, can't get a crew there within time and budget), then it puts the entire project at risk to not be shot at all. Like proper casting, finding the best locations can make or break a project before it ever gets out of the planning stage. For more on Location Scouts and Location Managers, visit and Good luck! Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC

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