• See this movie released today
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      Loved this. Very creative.
  • Watch Mortal Engines
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      Fantastic movie!
  • Hi. -Deep Impact. -Book of Eli -Hell (German movie) -Rammbock -Independence day. -Red Planet. -Signs. -Daylights end. -Rec 4 -Bolgen(The wave) Norwegian -Jeeg -I robot -Hellboy -Star wars. -Jeepers Creepers -Interstellar -Cloverfield(John Goodman) -Ghost ship -Day after tomorrow. -Hard Rain. -War of the world's -Wrong turn 1 and 2 -Hills have eyes
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      A lot of new ones for me , thanks. Did see Interstellar(excellent) ,Signs (good movie filmed near where I live) and Day After Tomorrow a while ago
  • Have you looked at Netflix? Here's the best and worst of 2019: ****Let me know which ones you like!
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      I've see Alita-Battle Angel -------------- Fantastic Movie / Ad Astra ------------- A nail biting adventure Excellent Haven't seen the others......Yet.

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