• I only have Netflix - my son shares his. And I have weird tastes. But there are a lot of detective type shows that contain mysteries in every episode. NCIS has been on for 16 seasons now so a lot of people must like it. I also like Criminal Minds. If you like comedy as well, Chuck and Psych were two of my favorites.
  • Well, if you can get Taboo, that's an excellent show. Unfortunately, it was only aired in 2017 and we won't get the next season until 2020 at least. Sucks cause it's a good show.
  • My wife watched Midsummer Mysteries on Netflix. She was glued to it. I enjoyed "The Killing," but it's maybe a bit slow paced for some.
  • dont know of any
  • I'm watching tubi now. Its free. I like the ion channels and america's dumbest criminals. And Dr. G Medical Examiner.

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