• That would be hard for me. But I don't know if I will ever be fortunate enough to be married so...I might not have that problem.
  • We share everything else, the hard times, the good times, holidays, meals, our home, simply everything so why keep simple bank accounts separate? To me ... that makes no sense at all ... unless there is tax avoidance or other strategy involved which I presume is not part of the question! I am however well aware that there are a lot of couples that do live in a different way. Frankly, I think it's odd.
  • Absolutely, and we currently do share our account.
  • Sure, we share one now.
  • Definitely!
  • I think both parties should have their own account. And even a 3rd for emergency household things, or whatever. My money is mine. I don't feel the need to have an account with someone else. Theres no guarantees in life and most likely the relationship will end eventually as in most cases......
  • In 30+ years of marriage we share our bank accounts and everything else. We've never even considered having separate accounts, except the 401k's, etc.
  • We have an account that is shared for tax purposes, like property taxes and other things. But for day to day use... NOPE, we keep our money separate. In my case I think that this has made it much easier for us, there are NO ARGUMENTS about money . We both work full time and there is rarely a time when I need help from him or vice versa. BUT the flip side of this is that sharing money with each other could form a sort of dependence between us which may sound bad but in reality I think that either one of us realize that we can make it and survive financially without one another.
  • Yeah sure
  • Only if I had another secret one.
  • I see no problem with having a shared account if you share a life together then why not. Joint accounts would be for paying wages into, paying household bills with and joint savings. I would however, want us to have our own accounts which the main account would pay into every month giving us our own spending money to use as we wished.
  • After 27 years of marriage our accounts are all joint. The only time we had separate accounts was when my wife ran her own business and we wanted to keep the finances separate for tax purposes. We routinely made transfers from the business acoount to the personal account. I think keeping the accounts seaprate is a sign of mistrust.
  • All but my business account.
  • Of course. I want my wife to have access to OUR money in case she ever needs it when I'm not around.
  • We shared a few accounts together. We always had one of our own, seprately of course.
  • There should be at least 3 bank accounts. Yours, your spouse's, and a joint account. NOTHING causes more problems in relationships than money. If you each allocate some money to yourself that you NEVER have to explain what you spent it on with your spouse, your marriage will be much better. I NEVER want to know that she spent $35 on a tube of lipstick. Just like she never needs to know that I spent $150 on the latest and greatest electric razor. You might also have an emergency, vacation, or Christmas (holiday) account.
  • yes and much more
  • yes, of course. There is ONE family. Separate accounts indicates to me that one or both are not in the relationship for each other and not for the long haul. it also shows a lack of interest in sharing with the other.
  • We have since before we were married.
  • Absofreakinglutely. Marriage is a partnership and if you can't trust each other with the money you shouldn't be married.
  • We do. I have friends who have seperate accounts, but listening to them, it sounds like they might as well.
  • Absolutely. A condition of our marriage was that I would not have to worry about money. I just mentioned to him today how much I just love going up to him and saying "Do we have money? I need XYandZ." and he hands me cash. I don't have to look up bank accounts, balance checkbooks, crunch numbers and pay bills... I just sign the backs of my checks, hand them to him, and get cash when I need it. I love my hubby. ^_^
  • We share. It works well for us.
  • Yes, what belongs to me also belongs to her=)
  • yes, I don't at the moment but have done so in the past...
  • We have shared a bank account since we got married 24 years ago.
  • 3 accounts: Hers, mine, and ours (the household account).   A shared household account can be used for common expenses, with agreed upon contributions. If those contributions continue to be made, there will be very few arguments about money. If they both use the rest of their money for what they want, neither can complain about how money is being spent.   If all the bills are paid and I want to splurge on some new clubs with MY money, I do it. If all the bills are paid and she wants to go on a shopping spree with HER money, she does it. Even if the other feels it's a waste of money, it's not money coming from the "family's" account. No harm, no foul.

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