• No as everyone has a view and are entitled to it.
  • Every president who has ever served, has had his share of enemies. What's happening to BHO, is nothing new, at all.
  • Rosie, I don't know if I qualify to answer this question as I have never really been a fan of anyone person. I have always had respect for every U.S. president rather I liked them or not. They hold our nation in their hands so only seems right to support him/her and hope they succeed. If they do then we do and if they don't we don't. I don't take personal offense about anyones words or opinions but to ruin a man who has taken this job which will affect so many is wrong on any level. So yes I guess if their actions are to harm the President in any form I am offended. After all he is the present head of my country. I did not like Bush's policies or the way he conducted business. I think he made many mistakes. I also know he is human and doing a job that is not as easy as some armchair presidents think it is. I never wished him ill or once wanted to undermine him. I have the same respect and hope for the new President, Obama.
  • I learned it from 8 years of people saying Bush sucked and there are more questions unanswered about if he is qualified to be President under the Constitution and I understand the legal challenges still stand.
  • I did not vote for Bush, but I wanted him to succeed. Only after he began to display his incredible arrogance and incompetence and flaunt the Constitution and rule of law did I begin to call for impeachment or hearings. Even then, I wanted the rule of law applied. I am truly dismayed by how many of my "law and order" friends actually want their own ideology forced on all regardless of what the laws of the land may say.
  • I respected Bu$h, as the President. A total idiot at times, but if called upon I'd take a bullet for the man. After all, he was still my President. (at the time). Personal offense? no. Disgusted? yes.
  • I did not vote for President Obama, however he was chosen to be our leader and I will support him in that role. He is the President of our Country and we all need to support him. I am disgusted by people that do wish him ill.
  • This is america. Everyone has a right to their opinion
  • I believe that people have the right to their own opinion..That said, I don't think that slandering anyone, President or not is a nice thing to do. Perhaps our mother's said it best: "If you can't say something nice about someone then don't say anything at all"...note I am only speaking of slander...not of people expressing opinions...
  • I didn’t vote for Obama, and I still wouldn’t. However, I don’t think it appropriate to try to undermine anyone, except perhaps if you’re in direct competition with the person (and even then, good sportsmanship should be observed). As for wishing him ill? That’s just disgusting. My 2¢. ETA: Rosie pointed out that I didn’t *technically* answer the questions, so…. No, I wouldn’t take *personal* offense, but I still don’t think it a good thing. HTH! :-)
  • haters are gonna hate, but im just gonna laugh once they get proven wrong- one of the spoils of victory
  • I am not a fan of President Obama I admire and respect him. This for his level of competence, his intelligence, knowledge and the decent family man he is. . I don’t take personal offense from those who seek to undermine him because I understand and know that during eight years we unfortunately got used to the constant undermining of others, name calling, lying as a defense strategy, using scare tactics to control the people and to cover up all wrong doings; all this turned us into international bullies but the truth is beginning to surface. . He is undermined by some because the habit is still there though less than a few months ago and those who wish him ill will have to swallow their words because President Obama is a brilliant man and could never be mediocre even if he tried. . Thank you for the question.

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