• Break off with him, then start looking. A friendly but decisive break is needed. Life without you is the only thing that might get him to reassess his priorities. You must be willing to risk losing him for good. If you are thinking of looking while you are still with him, your commitment and your honesty are doubtful.
  • Most of us have career plans until we are 65 years old. So no - this isn't valid. It may SEEM valid to him, however, and like many people - he may not be prepared to make a decision until he has to. Sit down with him and have a serious conversation. Let him know that you are not prepared to continue in a relationship that has no future. You love him, and you want to move forward. Either he wants to marry you or he doesn't. Which is it? If he is not ready to propose, then calmly end the relationship, and start dating others. If you end it now, and he comes back in two months wanting to 'try again', just tell him that doesn't work for you. Do not accept any proposal that doesn't come with a ring and a date. Don't keep repeating the "marry me or else"'ve already told him what you need. Trust me - ONE conversation of this nature is all it takes. He will NOT forget it, so if he's ignoring it, he's doing it on purpose. He'll know EXACTLY what "doesn't work for you". Only accept answers that meet your needs. If he offers something less than that, then it's because he is not ready or able to fulfill your needs. Be kind to both of you by being strong enough to walk away.
  • Men are men, they want something at one point then they dont want it at another, i understand that he has postponed talking about it but he never came right out and told you he didnt want to marry you. My best advice would be to sit down and tell him how this makes you feel, let him know that he needs to decide if his career is more important then having you in his life, give him an ultimatum, he either wants you more or the job more, if he chooses the job then it would be time to move on and find someone who would rather live a life without being successful then a life without you. Dont jump into leaving him without talking to him, he is someone that you love and have spent 2 years of your life with, just talk to him before you decide anything, i hope this helps.
  • I posted this question half a year ago, I think. His desire for him and me to relocate prompted a conversation and proposal. So now we are engaged. Some guys do have good intentions.
  • It all depends on your ages, in one respect and in another, it might be best to ask him where he sees your relationship going? In other words, does he foresee ever marrying you within,say, the next 3-5 years, or not? If the answer is no, then you might wish to seek out someone else because one of the worst things you can do is waste your time on someone if they're not going to give you the serious commitment that you're seeking; especially, since after 2 years has passed, it would seem that he would know where he would like the relationship to go. I hope this helps to answer your question and I wish you the best of luck! Incidentally, if you do get married, make sure and send me an engraved invitation! ;)

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