• Definitely asian
  • Mexican. I would invade America, and bilk social services out of tax payer supported programs that I did not pay into, save all the money i could get away with, and return to Mexico a rich man.
  • Nope, I like myself as I am.
  • If I was given the opportunity to do so, and still have the same friends I do now, I'd want to be Romani, so that I could share a deeper understanding of Aris's life. If it would be that I do NOT still have the same friends, I would probably choose either Japanese or Mexican. I would choose those because I find the Japanese culture so very different, or, for Mexican, because I am inherently lazy, and would not have to do anything different than I currently do. As far as the first thing I would do, as Romani, I'd probably do what I do anyway, which is whatever makes Aris happy. Japanese, I'd go online and see about learning to read and write the language - unless the 'magic change' meant I already could. Mexican, I'd not do anything different. I think, all in all, no matter what ethnicity I would 'try on,' it would not be a major change of ME. I would still be the same person I am, no matter how I looked on the outside.

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