• He offers the same thing that all of the past Presidents, the current President and all of the future Presidents have to offer.
  • All Bush Has to offer, Is Fear. Ironically, George W. Bush shows us his deficiencies, when he tries to talk about what he views as his successes. Bush’s tax cuts were a lie when they were contrived and have crippled the economy since being enacted. Even the most ardent Bush supporter, if they are truly conservative, will have to admit as much. You cannot spend at the reckless rate that Bush does, fight a war on multiple fronts, and hand back so much money in tax cuts. What it does is drive up the debt, and eventually we all pay more money in other areas. The fact is that this tax cut does little to help middle class families and the majority of the money goes to the top 1% of this country. This tax cut was not for us; it was for whom Bush refers to as his “base”. The most frightening thing is that Bush is obviously proud of his tax cut for the filthy rich, which has led to this horrific economy. Proud of it! This is what you need to know about the Bush economy: GW Bush will be the first President since Herbert Hoover to reign over a net loss of jobs. Make sure you digest that. This means that Bush has lost more jobs, than he has created. I might add that this is by a lot, as Bush has lost over a million more jobs then he has created. Herbert Hoover was President when the Great Depression hit, so we understand why he had a net loss of jobs. How in the world can any reasonable person run proudly on this record? The fact the he does only speaks to the gall that George Bush possesses, and the complete lack of respect he has for all Americans.
  • He offered a lot of good ideas in his campaign rhetoric. Compassionate conservatism, fiscal responsibility, an end to partisan politics... To bad it was all baloney.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      And, what you couldn't have guessed it would be? Gosh, who could have predicted a republican politician might lie? NO ONE could have seen THAT coming!!
  • George who?
  • He's the symbol of just how far the mentally retarded can go, with Daddy's $ help.

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