• YES! Anything that can give someone a high is at least a possible addiction. So, in short, a most emphatic YES!
  • yes, there is supposed to be one that has been out for a while that is more addictive than crack
  • YES; you can ... I have a nephew who spends about 80% of his life with his xbox360 .... Has little to no social life .... He is going to be staying with me for two weeks and guess what ? I'm taking away the x-box ... Don't worry; he is 17 and needs to GROW UP !
  • I'm too busy being addicted to AB.
  • I believe a person can be addicted to anything if it draws their attention non-stop.
  • Sort of, it's more accurately described as being addicted to fun. You get addicted to endorphins, not video games.
  • Nope, I don't play them.
  • Yes and my 6 year old is addicted!!!
  • Yes I think a lot of people become addicted to Video games as they do Answerbag.
  • That's a BIG yes.
  • not ever play Guitar Hero..or World Tour..or the Metallica version..or the AC/DC is so addictive:):) Don't do it should do it yo:):)
  • I was with the original pac-man,,,, and I was good too!
  • Yes you can become addicted to almost anything..some people have very addictive personalites..
  • Apparently so, there have been a number of reported deaths due to video game addiction...This includes the obvious "play games til you die of starvation", as well as murder of parents for witholding video games etc. Google it, it's pretty interesting/crazy.
  • Sure, look at the WoW (World of Warcraft.) front, and before that, Diablo, or countless other online MMORPG's...those are the worse cases, but I'm sure there's people addicted to all sortsa different games, offline and online. I've been playing them since I was like 12, but I never got addicted, in fact I just can't seem to play games for extended periods of time. About one hour a day, that is, if I'm not busy on that day. :/
  • Yes, some people can become addicted to video games, but surely I won't. +3
  • When video games first came out --pong-- I got freaky addicted! Now, I stay away from them...but here I am, addicted to something else, AB! Jeeze! Hey, keithold, do me a favor and check out Thanks. +5
  • Depends which game your playing. WOW's ridiculously addicting Halo 3 is too. While movie games suck horseshit.
  • Definitely no because I never like to play video games. You may not believe it! I have never play video games in my life!
  • i did at one time but got over it now i just ab lol +5 fth or real we shall see :P
  • picture it, 1994, my own place me and my best friend are both 17..we worked odd hours and often had 2 or more days off a week consecutive..super nintendo, super mario, and a bottle of jack daniels and take out pizza..atleast 12= hours a day, it took us eight weeks, but we conqured all the worlds..i had never been sooo discusted with myself, when south parks episode of the video game was deja vu. needless to say, i have not owned a video device, well until january of this
  • No you cannot. The game itself isn't why people play constantly. It is because they've built up their social identity in the game. Take MMOs for example. One can be anything and anyone, whenever and however they want. There is no more worries about the fear of talking to people, because they can't hurt you directly in the game. It makes for a safe and clean environment. You can also make many friends in MMOs and create social groups together and do things that you can't do in real life. This is the bait that MMO makers lay out. Once you have dedicated friends in your game, it is very hard to stop playing. Also that and the feeling of raising a character up. It is very satisfying to play an MMO and get to a high level, for that means that you are better, stronger and more experienced than those below your level. Competition and pride for your character is also what makes MMOs hard to quit. The same with Cod, Battlefield 2, Halo, etc. You rank up and war is fun, so both are incentives that make players play for a long time.

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