• No. But I did leave a lot behind to move to Oregon and make less money than I made in Arizona. Ya gotta do what feels right.
  • G'day takn-mor-thn-u, Thank you for your question. It depends. Things I would look at in making a decision would be: * how much money I would be making; * the job security that I would have; * the future prospects that I would have; * communications with friends and family - it is a long way between Australia and Alaska; * lifestyle in the town or city where I would be living; and * climate - it is a lot colder than Australia. It would be a big decision and I would want to get it right. Regards
  • I would
  • Absolutely! Just for the adventure if nothing else. If it doesn't work out, there's always the next adventure...
  • That would have to be compared to how happy you are in your current situation. If you are not happy with your current income and don't see a lot of local opportunity to substantially improve that and don't have close relationships with friends or family living near by then yes then it might be a viable option.
  • It wouldn't be for the money more than it would be for the adventure! Yes!
  • First off the cost of living is 27 percent higher there than the national average. I would not live in the wilderness. So you are no better off than some where else because that extra money you earn goes just to live there. If you notice online ordering lots of times they don't ship to Alaska. You shop in the stores the prices will be higher to cover the cost of getting the products all the way there. I'm not a fan of cold weather and very importantly, I do NOT want to hang with people whose primary source of fun is shooting or trapping animals.

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