• Sadly, yes. I have severe reactions to certain things so I have to always be on the lookout.
  • For health reasons I have to know what Im eating. If we are going out to a restaurant, I usually check the website first so I know what to order. At the supermarket I read the labels and at a friends house i just ask. They already know before hand what I can eat.
  • Most of the time.
  • I try and eat only FRESH FOOD. but i stay completely away from DIET food...cuz it contains ASPERTAME which will eat your friggen brain away, make you doscile...and cause problems. EVERYONE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM ASPERTAME.. and steroids...and hormones...its all bad for your body.
  • yup, I started checking food labels when I went veggie and now I avoid various chemicals too as I think they are bad for us. I try to eat food that is as natural and unprocessed as possible.
  • I don't ALWAYS know, but I usually do. I regularly read the Nutrition Information labels on the foods I eat. Many times it's difficult to be sure of what you're getting when you eat at a my rule of thumb is to expect the portion to be over-sized with a high fat and sodium content. (In turn, I usually eat about half of my food and take the other half home.)
  • YES,BEING a doctor i am always aware ingredents of my food.
  • No - I don't know what most of the ingredients with more than 12 letters are.
  • If we can believe what is on nutrition labeling, then yes. As far as restaurants, I try to eat uncomplicated, or, simple food when I dine out. Salad dressings are always mystery foods (when dining out), so are desserts. At home I prepare everything fresh, so I control the ingredients. I have health issues which make it necessary for me to know what I am eating. Although time consuming, it is highly satisfying.
  • most of the time unless i cook it the answer is no
  • I read all labels. I ask for ingredients lists in bakeries and if I don't like what I see I don't buy. A new Mexican Bread Bakery opened up named Panadera and I was excited about it..until I read the ingredients. Everything had partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oil in it..everything. Bread, cookies, cakes, pies, everything. Now, at a restaurant it is more difficult. We rarely eat out and if I'm eating crap it won't kill me if it's only a couple of times year. The servers only know the main ingredients..they don't know every ingredient..high fructose corn syrup for example. That's why we prefer to eat at home. We know what we are eating at home. Every other place it's a crapshoot! :)
  • I pay as much attention to it as possible. I stay away from packaged foods and prepared foods. I eat fresh as much as I can and make most of my own meals. On the rare occasion that I eat in a restaurant, I try to go with the ones that cook their own food, and have a good reputation.
  • I've made a conscious effort these past few years to eat local foods and remove processed foods from my diet. Occasionally, I'll buy bread when I don't have time to bake or ice cream or something else, but mostly I stick to homemade items. It's made me very aware of what is in our food. I've also found that processed and pre–prepared foods taste AWFUL once you have tasted the alternatives.
  • not always, perhaps I don't even know how any food is cooked! I trust females for giving me healthy food!
  • I would guess there may be three people in the entire world that are "always aware", and I don't know any of them. Now some are better informed than others and some know better than they do, and many don't care. +5 - do you know why I'm doing that?
  • We are Label Readers- Hydrogenated, high fructose and Corn Sweeteners cause any product to be put back on the shelf!
  • Yes, Since we usually cook from scratch and always read labels on things we buy.
  • Most of the time, yes, I prepare everything fresh, so I control the ingredients I put in the food, when I was really ill, I learned what to avoid, by doing a lot of research, so I am aware of what goes into most products
  • Yes, very aware.
  • No and I still wouldn't believe most ingredient lists.
  • As a rule, yes I do. If you make the mistake of eating anything from Mexico, you are taking your life in your own hands.
  • NO. No one is. There is no way. You would have to know every recipe from every restaurant, family member, or friend's. It's a control issue but you have much less than you imagine.
  • Only when I make things from scratch using fresh ingredients. I don't really trust labels as they "allow" for so many "accidental" additions in the processing plants.
  • I try to be a bit, but I really only look at the calories and fat then most importantly the price!!
  • Most of the time. I know what my wife and I cook from scratch and I read lots of labels.
  • yes i always check food ingredients.
  • nope!!

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