• I like it. It's worth whatever someone will pay for it, the same with all art.
  • i think its worth zero. its a great drawing. but i dont see anyone buying it
  • I would take your number of hours and pay yourself $10 per hour plus what the cost of the supplies were. Good Art is hard work. I know. I'm a design student. Make sure whenever you sell something, pay yourself per hour plus supplies at least. Never work for free unless you are working on your own dreams. (this includes school because hopefully you want to be studying art if you are taking an art class). What are you, a high school student? Excellent foreshortening and attention to value. This is a college-level piece of art. You pay yourself $10 per hour because it is that high in quality and that is typically what college-level art students charge. That is the price you should ask for because it is just like any other job, labor + cost. Make sure you use a dry media spray on it so it stays nice.
  • If anyone would like to see more drawings you're very welcome to.
  • i'll give you a buck fifty for it
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