• Here in Massachusetts the sun rises and sets. it's about 60/F. I'm thinking about going fishing! just a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Oh and by the way gay people have been able to get married for five years... so much for the sky falling down.
  • I live in Massachusetts, so obviously when same-sex marriage was first imposed by our state Supreme Court and then sanctioned by the legislature, I joined all the other heterosexual couples here in dissolving our marriages and immediately becoming gay -- NOT!. Like purplepickleater says, the sky is still overhead, it's sunny and warm. The Sox are on a roll, a tateret Celtics team is hanging tough against the Chicago Bulls and the Bruins have swept to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Life goes on, albeit more equitably for all.
  • The sky is now on the ground. My god, what have we done???!!! AAARGHHH!!!! (You like tires? *blink*)
  • A female couple in a 42 year relationship got married and two guys who have been together 28 years got married. That was pretty awesome!

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