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  • Why can you not get an ID?
  • So talk to us. Why are you in pain?
  • Please, read this first:
  • Go to Oregon. They do state-assisted suicides through Death with Dignity if you have a chronic illness, and it's easy to get on Medicaid there.
  • I am very shocked and saddened to see this, Legend. I have a link and a number for you, neither of which cost a thing. Dial 211 from any phone and speak to them, or
  • I just want to know why the world is so damned greedy. I'm almost to the point that if I see someone in severe pain tough luck unless they have plenty of money for me to call 911 for them. That's exactly the way it is out here for those of us with no resources. No money? Sorry, you're not in pain. Only people with money can be in pain now. Everyone else MUST be faking it. SURE!
  • I know that someone already directed you to the HopeLine at Please contact them as soon as possible. Someone is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. I hope that your pain will be managed. Severe pain can be very difficult.
  • Do you mean a plain state ID? From the DMV? Dont think of suicide over an ID, the only reason they cost money is the printing issues. Do you want my email? Dont be sad, i'll be more than happy to walk you through it or help you obtain some help :(
  • Whatever you do, don't end your life! It's permanent. Your kids will miss you and your woman would be devistated. I'm sorry you're in pain; there is nothing worse and it's hard to even think when you're like that. My husband lived in almost constant pain for almost 5 of the last 5 1/2 years; and lucky me...I got a front row seat. We don't have insurance of any kind anymore either so we know what you're dealing with. Before you do anything that you can't fix, will you email me at the email adress listed in my profile and give me yours so I can send you a private message? I was going to try to head to bed and try to sleep like a normal person tonight, but I will wait a while to see if you received this and sent me your address. If you don't do that, please go to an ER or even a walk-in clinic? I don't think they can turn you away even if you have no insurance.
  • The world is greedy and this is why medical care should be available to everyone!! What kind of society are we living in? Hopefully someone can help you, i would try and get overseas somehow where it is cheaper, my friend is in india at the moment getting her teeth done, if i could i would send you an angel.
  • If your tooth abscess is so bad that you want to end your life then do what Tom Hanks did on "Castaway". Grab an ice skate and knock that sucker out.
  • maybe you should apply for medicaid
  • they have programs out there where you can get free medical care like medicaid and others that go by income, maybe you should look into them

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