• no..... addiction is a HARD thing to give up, usually they are trying to deal with emotional pain through their addictions. Punishing someone, who is more then likely trying to heal/cover an emotional hurt, is not fair in my eyes at all :(
  • Yes. Let's be as mean as we can. Life's WAY too fun now. We have to hurt SOMEBODY!
  • How about those who damage their health by over eating. Or the people who risk their lives with extreme sports. Dare devils who have a slim chance of not harming themselves on purpose. Those who stave themselves to death. My point being when you blame a certain group and not others who also risk it all shows a lack of tolerance. You may not see the things I mentioned as that bad but the thing is in someones eyes they are. Life is dangerous to our lives. Instead of looking down or offering less help for certain people, would it not be wise to help all we can. I respect you have your opinion but I am sorry I do not agree. I think what is good for one should be offered to all at the very same rate.
  • Nah. People who can't afford expensive treatments should be at the back of the queue.
  • No I don't agree with the statement as a healthcare professional I cannot agree that people should be punished and denied healthcare because of their lifestyle, I believe that healthcare should be widely available to all and that it should be free at the point of entry like it is here in the UK, I think once you start excluding people from treatment where does this end. I think that the emphasis should be trying to change a persons lifestyle through education and not by exclusion from something that I feel every person is entitled to which is free healthcare.
  • No, but I can possibly see them being asked to pay a little more out of pocket, to be waived if there was a true financial hardship.
  • When my mother (who has MS) first starting getting treatment & the VA Hospital, they told her that unless she quit smoking they would not give her all the health care that they had access to but, they did help her quit! Also, I know when they do certain surgeries they will insist that people lose some weight first! I dont see anything wrong with putting people who knowingly harm themselves (daily) to the back of the que unless it is a trama...idk, hard question!
  • No it's discrimination. People damage their health in a plethora of different ways. Should we single out people who don't exercise? People who eat meat? People who pick their nose? They're more prone to nosebleeds you know.
  • 6-10-2017 That is dum. D-U-M. Dum. That is spherically dum. I mean it's dum any way you look at it. For one thing, smokers and drinkers pay exorbitant taxes, so they have paid in advance for their treatments.
  • Of course not. The opposite. They have paid far more tax towards their treatment than non smokers and non drinkers.

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