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  • a big piece of crap.
  • No never had that but if they did I would feel like shit. :(
  • Unloved.
  • I just started laughing.
  • Screamed I hate you at someone..never..didnt believe in hate until the day I was holding a 45 aimed straight at my ex's forehead, watching him piss his pants as I told him that the penalty for teaching me what hate death..Cops tased him to make him fall..because if they tased me..I would have blown his head right off his shoulders ;)
  • Mission accomplished!
  • Well...I think it would suck.
  • yeah. it hurt
  • It makes me feel awfull, and its Daily done to me by my two dogs when I dont take them out as soon as the want!
  • Yes, that was screamed at me by my mother quite often when I was young (age 5-10). It made me feel like I couldn't turn to her for help when I needed it, so I kept everything to myself until it broke me years later. Nice, huh? Never tell your kids you hate them no matter how angry you are.
  • my little brothers when I was baby sitting... I responded "GOOD that means I am doing something RIGHT!" years later when all I can remember is those words and have no memory of the context, one of them came up to me and thanked me and said that I was right. that actualy felt quite good because he is still pretty messed up but he himself knows he would have been worse had I not done what ever made him so mad
  • When someone does say something so hateful it makes you wonder if mental illness might be the subvert culprit
  • Hated. Maybe I could break that down a bit, disliked, a bit more, an annoyance, a pest or the finale, who is that person?
  • worse, i have had a girl i once loved say to me 'youve hurt me enough already' its so painful you cannot imagine.
  • Yes, but I don't really pay attention. I know a lot of the times, those words are said in anger. I've yelled it at at least one person I can think of. The girl my boyfriend cheated with. I remember yelling "I don't hate anyone, but I hate you!" I don't think it's actual hate, though. I think it was more like I was so angry at her for pretending to be my friend, going behind my back, sleeping with my boyfriend, and then acting like she was one of my best friends after. How one could do that to someone really bothered me and I couldn't figure it out -- especially how she just wanted me to forget about it like it never happened and how badly she wanted me to forgive her. It was like she was trying to avoid a fight, but you just can't do that to someone and expect nothing but roses to come out of it, you know? Yeah. I was pissed off. She'd never heard me yell before. No one present there had ever heard me yell before except my sister. I'm not a yeller, and before that, I'd never yelled at anyone in person at school. So yea....I am not a hater, but if you walk all over my trust, watch out! Yes, I said the words in anger, but that is still no excuse to be so rude.
  • Of course, yes. If someone doesn't hate you and say so to your face, you haven't lived. It's nice to hear someone say "I love you"; and it's also nice to have someone say "I hate you". More important: Have YOU screamed "I hate you" to anyone? Think carefully and deeply about this, and you'll know why I ask.
  • a little hurt but deep inside i knew she didn't mean it.people say ugly things when their mad and usually things turn around and evewrything is ok time someone yells at you and says i hate you,answer with this.would you like to go out to could they say no.
  • I have never had anyone even say that to me. I realize that if they did it would be to deliberately hurt me as much as possible, but even knowing that I think it would still hurt my feelings.
  • my ex when we were breaking up. it made me feel useless and unloved. i think when you do say such things( which is usually in anger) make an effort to appologise later on. it may not make everthing ok again but at least it wud be a start for healing...esp for the person who was on the reciving end!
  • ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh u live my life you hear that from a couple people i no. It hurt at first but after that you grow kinda a immunity to it if u handle it just right
  • I have, at my mum. I don't think I have at other people ... maybe my father, but I don't remember. Screaming "I hate you," getting so worked up in the fight like that ... it didn't feel good. I guess I didn't know how to control or understand my emotions at that age, and I guess neither did she! (Not that she ever said she hated me, but we sure did get in screaming matches.) Edit: Oh, I see I misunderstood the question. No, no one's ever screamed that at me. I imagine if they did, I'd feel pretty terribly about it!
  • yes it made me feel like crap
  • Like pulling the trigger...
  • I screamed it at someone else...It made me feel terrible.
  • One of my daughter's may have at one time, when she couldn't do what she wanted. Of course it made me feel bad....sad.
  • Yes, my 11 year old son Logan for the 1st time ever a few months ago. I was heartbroken! I felt like the entire world meant nothing at that very second in time. I just stared at him in disbelief! I cried like a big ole' baby afterward and Logan came to apologize.
  • and how old is this girl that screamed at you, john?
  • daughter did & I responded "Well, I'm not liking you very much right now myself". I'm not going to lie, it hurt terribly when she let it out & I could tell that my words had hurt her as well. I just let it go & went to bed. The next morning, I woke up to her snuggling up to me apologizing for being so ugly the night before. I hugged her & told her that I'd love her no matter what & that I had responded so mean because she had hurt my heart so bad!!! We made up & I explained to her that I was going to be doing many things that she wasn't going to appreciate, but that i would be doing it because I loved her so much. That was the LAST time the word "hate" came out of our mouths directed at the other. Deep down, I knew that she didn't mean it when it came out of her mouth as she hated the fact that I had told her she couldn't do something that she really wanted to do.

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