• I didn't know that they did. Do you have an example?
  • It seems like their flawed interpretation of God's will through the Bible makes the idea of marriage between a man and a woman the only acceptable choice, when in fact gay and lesbian couples make excellent and in some cases superior parents for children. I think eventually as the fraud of religion is shown for what it is, more people will walk away from the notion that someone who is homosexual is somehow inherently evil or "broken". The fact that so many religious people seem to put words into God's mouth and suggest that this is the case is absurd, and arrogant. The Bible has passed through so many human hands through the ages that it has become an unreliable resource. If God truly does exist and I choose to obey it, I'd much rather run my life according to a live "stream", if you will, directly from God, rather than the rose-tinted interpretations provided conveniently by religion and its followers.
  • Because what you refer to "right wingers" are essentially "conservatives", who have a high regard for time-tested traditions. Conservatives are not prone to the "flavor of the day" change for change sake, especially when they can see through the real reasons/intentions of those promoting such changes, i.e., block-voting politics and traditions be damned. Marriage between a man and a woman, is a tradition that has existed from the beginning of time and in societies throughout the world. Essentially, it has been a good thing in that it has been responsible for the creation of those of us who inhabit this earth. Without that creation, man would not exist. What I do think might be more appropriate, and acceptable to most, would be the recognition of equal rights for all. That is, married couples and gay couples should have, say, very similar tax advantages, or equal respect when it comes to medical care and it's insurance coverages. But those solutions wouldn't serve those, particularly politicians and elitists, who seem to take some strange pleasure in turning society and its mores upside down. I see no need to call it "marriage", per se, for gay couples. To me, it's an issue created by politicians and activists for self-gain, and whose aim is merely to create chaos and to offend the traditional values of society. And, to me, there is too much of that kind of divisiveness in our society. Your question, BTW, is intentionally "loaded".
  • Because for some of them, hatred and bigotry are more important than equal rights.

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