• I had a dog that HATED feet!! everytime you would get your feet near him he would growl and move away! aren't dogs funny sometimes?
  • If he/she doesn't bite them, you could try stroking the dog gently with them. He/she has probably been stood on by someone at some stage.
  • Cut your leggs off below the knees
  • Maybe your feet smell? lol thats a good question though, my cat is the same way. but i know hers is because before we got her, she was the neighbors cat. and they have a few yappy dogs. wish i could get her out of it, but my sister is Elmira, from tiny toons. torture to animals, by over affection.
  • your feet are not a threat in any way and all you need to do is reassure him of that, he needs to face his fear, keep him on a lead (leash) move your feet and when he trys to remove himself from the situation just sit him back down, you have to keep calm yourself & you dont need to speak to him just continue with it until he realises theres nothing for him to worry about.

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