• how the kids cry and get everything they want. i see this at work
  • Two are : Terible table manners - especially chewing with mouth wide open. Interrupting adult conversations needlesly. HOWEVER - what I REALLY hate about other people's kids are THEIR LOUSY PARENTS WHO WON'T TEACH THEM MANNERS AND BASIC RESPECT!
  • Actually, the kids don't bother me as much as the parents who allow bad behavior!! That irritates me more than anything!!
  • When parents assume we think they're special little angels and want to hear everything about them. Also when people assume we should just treat them differently because their child is there: "My precious little boy is here, can I cut in line, he's cranky and doesn't listen but he's so cute....". It's your kid, not ours lol.
  • Most kids anymore do not appear to have ANY respect for older folks .. They have NO consideration for other people's property . They have absolutely no compassion for others feelings .... .... I blame the parents for putting their kids in front of TVs, letting them run wild with NO supervision, giving them HOURS of video games ... ect .
  • When they trash things at YOUR house & the parents don't do anything about it.
  • their parents!
  • The fact that I see all of these useless idiots who have a bunch of them and won't even teach them basic sh*t and meanwhile I can't have any of my own...
  • The kids parents.
  • Pretty much everything..
  • Most kids don't bother me. What bothers me most is when parents sit back and do nothing to prevent their kid from being brazenly mean and/or inconsiderate. For example: If a kid deliberately runs over another kid with a bike, and the parent does nothing, the parent should be smacked.
  • Kids that SCREAM at the top of their lungs in public irritate the fire out of me. I guess the parents are so used to it, they don't hear it, but man ... !!
  • i hate when some parents let their kids run around in a store and not say anything until some one gets hurt!

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