• is it a manual transmission? if so it is possible that you have a dual mass flywheel which is beginning to pull apart. VW was using a flywheel which is made up of two solid metal plates with a thin rubber membrane sandwiched between them. After a while the membrane becomes weak and you get a vibration set up between the two flywheels. Change position of the clutch in any way and it stops for a time. If you go to your local VW dealer and give them the VIN number they can tell you if your car came equipped with a dual mass flywheel or not. if so, you can have it replaced with the factory flywheel or go to an aftermarket VW parts dealer and they should be able to sell you a solid replacement kit that will fit no problem
  • you need to try better gas or differt brand
  • lizard_king_21 dose have one possible answer that needs to be checked. However there are some others as well. Barrings, control bushing, axle bushing, universal joint, differential (front wheel drive cars have it in the transmission), and still possible though unlikely is the front springs, or warped rotor. Take it to a free inspection place. Then tell them it will probably be a week from Friday before you could afford it, so you'll bring it back.

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