• It depends.At times I prefer painting to see the imagination of the artist but,while considering a living being,I'd always prefer a photograph over painting.
  • I would prefer the paintings Instead! I have 2 42" painting art frames with the gold plated trim In my dining room and on my living room I have 4 36" photograph frames with the brown trim and I think that both make good decorations In a house.
  • I sometimes break out my canvas and oils and paint a few scenes. I also love to take photos and movies. Especially now, with all the new cameras with digital and recording on memory disk instead of cassettes.
  • I think I love looking at paintings (not talented enough to actually do them myself). Although I love looking at family photos. I have some going back to the 1870s and two of my great-great-great grandparents, one of whom was a convict (b 1815 arrived in 1831) and the other a free settler from Scotland (b 1820 arrived Australia 1849). I have six generations of photos on several lines.
  • Someones granny does very nice paintings. I could look at then all day.
  • Photographs are more accurate but paintings tend to show artistic talent and a nicer perspective. So I prefer paintings.
  • I don't prefer. I'm against the mania of choosing among things that are non-exclusive. I like both equally for different reasons.

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