• If she is a Civilian more than likely. Years ago no. We have a dress code at work, But it doenst apply to civilans.
  • I have really enjoyed watching her dress the way she does. Not only did it show her individuality it helps others to understand someone who just may not be like you. I love the way her and Gibbs are in sync.
  • Remote, but remember she is 'buried' deep within Gibb's organization. I worked at a well known computer chip manufacturer's research and development facility, where they dream up and create what years later becomes cutting edge. Some of the scientists there walk around in pajamas and slippers. Some don't come out of their labs for days (or weeks yo...).
  • I love her character!!!! If she is in a civilian position there is a good probability that it would be accepted due to her abilities on the job. I worked for the government as a civilian and there were many people who dressed differently then the norm....

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