• My Dog had a baby rabbit in it's mouth once and I took it away. It was like yours, Didn't even have it's eyes open and was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. I didn't think there was much hope but I went to a toy store and bought a toy doll baby bottle with real rubber nipples on it and put a needle hole in the nipple and warmed milk up and surprisingly the rabbit drank it. I bought some baby formula and mixed it with the milk until I could get some pet formula from the feed store. I fed him that for several weeks and he kept growing and opened his eyes. I started feeding him rabbit pellets and let him just run around the house as he was pretty tame. One day he was sitting in the doorway and trotted outside and ran off into the yard and I never saw him again.
  • I never rescued a bunny but I rescued cats, birds.
  • If you can find the nest it came from, it would be best if you could put it back, provided the cat didn't injure it. If you can't do this, perhaps this website will help, it has info on feeding baby bunnies.
  • If it's eyes aren't open and it looks like all it's fur isn't in, then it's very young, under 10 days old. It's very difficult to handfeed kits when they are this young. But it's possible with KMR (kitten milk replacer) and a feeding syringe, both things available from pet stores. It might be best to find someone that knows how to do this but if you choose to undertake it yourself, here's two pages that have helpful information on raising orphaned rabbits, amounts of food, what to do at each age. And also the important of keeping them very warm. They like it 75-85F degrees.
  • i would not let it go! make sure to give it to a wildlife place QUICKLY! a baby without its eyes open can die very fast!

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