• I am in the same religion as my parents and grandparents. I did leave for some time when I was first married, but did eventually come back - and I do not regret it.
  • Actually my dad started going to church after me... so technically he follows the same beliefs as me
  • My family are all southern Baptists. I grew up as such but left the church at 18, never to look back. I follow no religion except that which guides me when God whispers in my ear.
  • No..The mother and her family were catholic. My dad and his parents and their parents and so on and so on..were satanists. I am neither :)
  • Yes, but with a different expression. I was raised Nazarene but I was going to be ANYTHING but Nazarene. I am now a Charismatic Presbyterian. And FYI, my Maternal Grandparents were Baptist and my Paternal Grandparents were Methodist.
  • Well, my family are mostly Baptists and Pentecostals. I am in the process of converting to Islam with my husband. My husbands family are mostly Catholics, my mum in law, her life partner and my sister are Pagans. Very mixed group in my family, thank Goodness we all get along!
  • Mom and dad were Presbyterians. I'm an agnostic. So no.
  • i am Christian, as are my parents and grandparents. i'm fairly certain Christianity can be traced back in the family much further than that. i do hold some beliefs my parents don't though.
  • Father is Catholic Mother is Jewish I'm an Atheist Grandparents were Catholic and Jewish repectively Older brother is a Rabbi Other brother is conservative Jewish Both sisters are also atheists
  • We are/were all protestant Christian. My mother and her parents belonged to the Evangelical United Brethren Church and my father and his family were German Reformed. I attended a several different protestant churches and joined the Presbyterian. I later met my wife and she is Lutheran and I then joined the same church. Been here for over 30 years.
  • I live in India. I was born into a Hindu Brahman family. Family tree is available for 38 generations. Each generation updating the current status. We belong to the Vadoola Gotra (Clan). That means the earliest ancestor of our family tree is Saint Vadoola. Even though the exact family tree is available only for 28 generations, all Brahmans in India belonging to the Vadoola Clan are our distant cousins. To the very best of my knowledge none in our Clan have ever converted to another religion. Even in my generation all are satisfied with our Hindu Brahman status and no one is thinking of converting. Another rule among Brahmans is that no one blonging to a certain Clan, Vadoola in my instance, can marry into a family belonging to the same clan because that would mean marrying a distant brother or sister. The clan membership is passed on paternally. Women marrying will get their clan changed into that of their husband. The Gotra (Clan) system has been a subject of study of many an anthropologist. The system started at the time the Vedas were written - some 10000 years back - minimum. . There have been instances of men in our family tree marrying women from other Hindu Castes, but not from other religions - according to the family tree available with me. . A third cousin of mine married a Syrian Christian. But she did not convert to Christianity. I have visited their home. They have the Hindu dities alongside Jesus Christ in their prayer room. They light both oil lamps and candles in front of the dieties! Hers is the first instance of anyone marrying outside the Hindu religion in 38 generations. For details of Syrian Christians see this link: . You could ask me for any clarifications in the comments thread.
  • Both my grandparents & both my parents are athiests. I would consider myself an athiest although I do follow some ethics from Buddism...such as not killing any living thing, but that's hardly a religious belief, just compassion. =)
  • I don't think my grandparents have a religion.. I've never heard them discuss it, at least. The same goes for my parents, but my mom at least does believe that Jesus once lived, just that he was an ordinary man with some new ideas. I'd say that I've been inheriting those standpoints pretty well. I'm proud to come from a family with no apparent religious beliefs :)
  • Mother's side of the family is some sort of protestant. Not active obviously. My father's side is very Catholic. I'm an atheist.
  • Both sides were Armenian Apostolic. However, politics separated the churches. Yep..even in religion, politics rears its ugly head. My dad's side of the family belonged to one church with specific political beliefs and my mom's family belonged to another church with opposite political beliefs. We attended the one closest to our home. Liturgy was the same in both. But the atmosphere of one was strident and very negative..the other calmer, more peaceful and positive! :)
  • I'm an athiest, as is my Dad. My Mum is Church of England Christian. I don't know about my Grandparents, although my Mum's Dad is pretty athiestic, and my Mum's Mum is relatively Christian.

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