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  • He might not have gotten it, he might not know how to respond, he might be busy. It really just depends, I refuse to answer anything while I'm at work.
  • Be patient, woman. He is not a robot. He is a person. You only sent him the message today. Maybe he didn't even see it yet.
  • theres rly no telling, since u took time to make sure wether or not u were trying to move too fast he should understand. i get busy and ignore the inbox alltogether sometimes
  • About 7 trillion possibilities. Why not call him?
  • Don't worry, he hasn't contacted you probably because he's still trying to recuperate from the Ruffies you slipped to him that night!!
  • Details! I demand details! If you were a bit forward with ME, you'd be pregnant right now.
  • You would have to extremely forward with me for me not to respond to a message from you. Like, it couldn't be done. LOL He's probably still in shock. No, No LOL He probably hasn't gotten around to it yet.
  • looks like he wants to start slow. Don’t rush him or be too aggressive. Some guys don’t like pushy or aggressive women. Making that kind of comment about being too forward was not a thing you want to say to a slow mover. The guy suppose to make the move. So if he invites you over again, let him take the reins and be the girl.
  • He probably just simply doesn't even think it's an issue. He still should respond though. Anyway, maybe ask yourself if possibly you worry too much.
  • some guys take FOREVER to respond! so maybe he will, maybe he won't. just wait it out and try to be patient, i'm kind of in that situation too =/ it sux, especially if you like him!
  • if you thought you were being a bit forward, maybe you that could be one reason why he hasn't responded or it could be that he is may not be the only thing in his life...he could have hobbies and friends or a job or studying and homework to do...or it could be that he's just not that into you.
  • He's probably just been busy. Unless you brought an inappropriate movie, I doubt a goodbye kiss was too forward.
  • FI, what do you mean you were "forward"? Did you make advances or hit on him? Did he respond or recoil? I'd back off, leave it alone. If he wants to contact you he will..otherwise, move on. Happy Thursday! :)
  • Who cares? I'm not saying that to be rude. But that's just one guy. If he doesn't respond, fuck him, find another guy. Me personally, I wouldn't have stressed about it in the first place. If you're too forward and he's put off by it, then o well. Just be yourself, and if that person doesn't like it, too bad, that's who you are. If you have to censor yourself and change yourself to suite someone else, then it probably wasn't ment to be anyway.
  • because if he's interested in you then you've just upset him by saying you're not as interested as you acted. He's pretending not to care so you'll be more interested. Inversely, if he's not interested in you he's letting you know by not replying. It hasn't even been a full day yet. People are busy. Be patient.

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