• Yes, often. I always try to give them change if they are asking for it.
  • Only for the elderly ones and the disabled. I just don't understand why people are homeless. Why don't they just go find a job, I know its not easy but there's a solution to everything. Apart from that, the disabled and elders, are the ones I feel extreme sympathy. So much age and disablities descrimination has been going on. However, there are people who you can see that are smoking making all homeless look bad as if they only want money for alcohol, drugs or ciggaretes. There are those homeless who honestly want to be something in life and earn money to help out their family and for needs, and there are others who mess up their own life asking for money for things they desire giving all homeless people a bad reputation and look.
  • i don't see very many where i live, but when i visit my mother in florida i see them all the time. They take turns standing at the "best" intersections, it makes me sick! The only ones i ever give money to are the really old skinny guys with long beards, these are the guys you can tell really need a couple of bucks, never the clean shaven 30 year old guys!
  • Without fail, and when I see one of them wheeled out of the city park on their way to the morgue I wonder why churches can't leave an open room for people to sleep, eat use the bathroom with some dignity, and sleep in safety.
  • Yep, I always spare some change because I know it has helped him one way or another. I like when they play instruments, because some are really good at it; performances worthy of a buck or two.
  • I do feel that way.In the city that I live many patients were released from a mental hospital,because of funding cut backs,and now wander the streets downtown.Now they are prey to crack peddlers and now rely on them for drugs.
  • Yes and my children get tearful as they can not understand how this is allowed to happen, they then rob me of my change to give to them.
  • yes most of them are very interesting personalities and often very inteligent, though i know only two of them personally, i like them
  • I used to be homeless for a while and I tend to think that they chose to live on the streets more often than not. Whatever place they were in previously was worse than being on the streets aparantly, I am sorry for that, but it's not always the case. There are many programs for homeless people in my area so if they don't want those programs and have been kicked out of the shelters I consider that their own doing. Sure, when it's freezing and I have a nice jacket on I wish they didn't have to be so cold or when I'm eating I wish they weren't hungry, but there are many options in my city that It's really hard to feel all that sorry. Bring on the negative points, but you asked for my opinion and you got it.
  • yes. I find that most of them have psyciatric or alcohol problems that would be best looked after in specialist facilities, but, of course, these have been closed where do they go? On the streets of course. Many of the younger ones have run away from abusive homes. I spoke to one a few weeks ago about going into a lodge for the homeless, and provided him with information. I hope he took it. He seemed a nice young guy, very polite. A terrible shame to be living on the streets. I also take warm clothes out during the winter. I can't solve their problems, but there must be something I can do.
  • Where I live seems to be a mecca for the homeless and most of them are homeless by choice. I have talked to alot of them and want to vomit when they go into how they are against "corperations" and such, in my veiw a corperation is a company that started out small and has succeeded and grown, so in reality they are against success. The only ones I feel sympathy for are 1. The children 2. The elderly 3.The handicapped (mentally or physically) and 4. The poor dogs, how can you afford to feed a dog when you cant feed yourselves? I have given food, blankets, toys and childrens books in some of my sons old backpacks to homeless children in my area. I couldnt imagine being 6 years old and not have anything.
  • yes even though many times it no-ones' fault but their own, every one makes mistakes or takes the wrong road. Yes I feel sympathy (you would have to be an extreemly thick skinned person not to) and when I can I help them.
  • not usually,but it depends if they are begging or not.I personally would survive better in the wilderness.begging is scavanging off the masses.
  • Sympathy, not usually. Empathy yes.
  • definitely and putting blessings whenever I can.
  • Yes and I'm sorry if I repeat an answer but after the first couple I just couldn't stomach reading the rest. I have been homeless I have friends who are homeless I sat just last friday with a group of homeless and decided that I would do more to help them. Many of the homeless are children,veterans and the mentally ill they need help.

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